En route to Salt Lake City when our Audi broke down and had to be towed back to Laramie. Klaus took it in without an appointment and had a thorough diagnosis in a couple hours. Great, honest service and very knowledgeable! Highly recommended.

Patrick J Schnaidt

They understand both cars and how to build a trust worthy relationship with the customer. Both great for the work quality and customer service.

Alek Angele

Very long story short, this shop has restored my faith in humanity. All other shops would not touch my Mini Cooper or would give up and tell me to tow the car back to Colorado. This shop was not only kind to me and my family but was also knowledgeable and did not give me a line of BS. They diagnosed the problem and promptly completed the repair with care and accuracy. I have worked with mechanics before, this shop is by far the best I have ever had the privilege to encounter. I would highly recommend this business to anyone.

Google Review

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Did a great job with my vehicle, and communicated very well. These guys tikes things down for me so I could understand everything as well. A great place to get your vehicle repaired!

Arianna Schabauer

I have taken my vehicles to Klaus for minor and major repairs for many years. He is absolutely thorough, fair, and honest. He does not take short cuts; rather, he takes the time needed to fix your vehicle and he documents each stage of a major repair. He put a rebuilt transmission into my Honda Odyssey; during this big, expensive job, he showed me everything he had to do and how long it would take. And even though it took longer than the book estimate on labor time, he only charged me what the book said it should be. If my car needs a repair of any kind, I know I can count on Klaus and his mechanics to do a great job. Unlike many dealerships, he will not hunt around for additional work to bump up your bill; but if he's working on your engine's fuel injection and he observes that the fuel pump is on the verge of failing, he will advise you and give you the option of getting that fuel pump fixed. And as an added bonus, he's warm and friendly and explains everything that needs to be done to fix your car. I give him my highest possible recommendation.

Clifford M.

I made the rather ill informed decision to purchase an early 2000s Mercedes. Awesome car, but boy do they need to be maintained. I'm so glad I found Klaus at Import Auto. Every time I've been in, he's done a great job fixing the problem. He bills reasonably and transparently; in fact, the last time I was in he didn't charge a thing as a courtesy. I couldn't recommend his shop higher to anyone looking for a mechanic in Laramie!

Spencer K.

I've been taking cars to Klaus for maintenance and repair for more than 12 years now. I consider him an Audi expert though he works on all kinds of cars and trucks, I have him work on my Toyota truck too. Klaus is a kind of dying breed in the world of auto repair, he actually fixes things rather than just replacing parts. He will always explain the details about the repair to your vehicle and he will show you the parts he had to replace. I have found him to be scrupulously honest. Way back when, in the early 1980's Klaus' father repaired a VW bus for us when the starter went out while we were passing through Laramie.

J C.

Klaus has always been very accomodating and helpful. He is very upfront about costs and explains in lay mans terms what is going on.

Klaus knows Subarus like you wouldn't believe. He spent MORE time and detail explaining to me his diagnosis for my Subaru than I really was interested in, but I appreciated his forthrightness and patience and fair treatment (as a female!) I really trust this guy. And, he charged me less than I expected.


Klaus is a godsend. VW Jetta broke down on way home from Broncos game. Had parts shipped from Cheyenne and fixed it in an afternoon so we could get back to Idaho

Excellent company. Klaus is very professional and friendly. I like that they try to find things that could possibly be safety hazards, and I honestly feel like they try to save the customer money on things that are not needed. Estimate for work are extremely close to what I've paid, and the work has always been done well. Klaus loves to show the parts that he has replaced and explain why he replaced them. They are one of the best shops, of any profession, I've ever run into, and I would recommend them any day.

Klaus takes good care of you. He knows what he's talking about, is VW trained, helped me make a list of things that will be needed in the near future, but didn't put pressure to do more now. My hood didn't open quite right, and he fixed it in minutes and for free.

One of the hardest parts about moving away from Laramie was leaving Klaus. When you find a good, honest mechanic that doesn't treat you like "just a girl" its hard to let that go. He worked hard to find the best deal on parts, explained everything thoroughly, and his estimates were usually accurate. I highly recommend Import Auto.